Jingle Pick up lines

The best Jingle pick up lines

Hey girl, if you jingle my bells

I'll promise you a white Christmas
📅︎ Dec 05
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If you jingle my bells,

I promise you'll have a white Christimas
👤︎ u/bincheee
📅︎ May 16
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Hey girl, are you Christmas

Cuz I'd like to jingle your bells
👤︎ u/MarsGen2032
📅︎ Nov 03
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Hey girl is your name jingle bells?

Because it looks like you go All The Way. (Credit to 93x morning show)
👤︎ u/D34DM4N1989
📅︎ Nov 27
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do you like christmas?

because you can jingle my bells
👤︎ u/Tbrouxk
📅︎ Jul 04
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