Pepper Pick up lines

The best Pepper pick up lines

Are you salt and pepper?

Because your the seasoning I want on my meat.
👤︎ u/CheckMisan
📅︎ Jun 22
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People say "If you were a pepper, you would be hot af"

But I don't think it can be used on you, since you're already so smokinnnnn'!!
👤︎ u/sarcasteruwu
📅︎ Aug 19
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Ayy girl, are you a pepper?

Cuz I'm bout to be jalapeño yo ass.
👤︎ u/n_edge41
📅︎ Aug 03
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Damn girl, are you a chilli pepper?

Cuz I wanna stick my dick jalapeño butt hole
👤︎ u/hi_im_nena
📅︎ Mar 06
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Girl are you a pepper?

Cause you’re so hot (I’m sorry that’s so cheesy lol)
👤︎ u/babibabin
📅︎ Nov 18
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Maybe it's the pepper spray talking...

but you're a sight for sore eyes!
👤︎ u/ConnellAngus
📅︎ Feb 18
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