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Are you my Uber Rating?

because you’re 4.5 stars
👤︎ u/almostawake111
📅︎ Nov 05
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Hey girl, are you a computer scientist? Because your rating is an integer overflow

EDIT: I now realize I probably should have said "causes" and not "is". Oh well
👤︎ u/nathodood
📅︎ Feb 03
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Sweet music to my ears

Hey girl if music was invented by hitting on things then I'm going to be creating a perfect harmony by hitting on you. Do you like Phil Collins? Because I can feel it cumming in the air tonight. If I could give you a rating my pretty young thing then you would be in the top 40. You say I have the moves like Jagger but later tonight you'll be Rolling Stones. You and me girl we are so iN'SYNC together. I only have One Direrection and its up a one way exit street because that's what makes you beautiful. I can take you to a Bruno Mars concert or I can take you to Mars and back. Do you like pop girl because I can be your rock. Katy Perry said she kissed a girl and liked it so can I test that theory on you? Beyoncé said if I liked it I can put a ring on it. Hi my name is Ken, come on Barbie lets go party!
👤︎ u/Jesse_Allen3
📅︎ Nov 03
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