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CANCER SURVIVOR IN NEED OF ASSISTANCE WITH PICKUP LINES !!! 3 year battle and i beat it now i need help with the women in college everyone please help me out Iā€™m tryna get back into it and have fun haha

Hey everyone Iā€™m in college and after 3 hard years of battling cancer Iā€™m going back to school but i want to also use my awful disease (lymphoma) as a blessing for me when having fun. So can you guys help me figure out some boss ass pickup lines to get the girls haha
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Do you want to know how YOU can be less needy when talking to girls?

How can YOU be more relaxed when talking to girls? (Part 1 /2) When guys start learning game, they have the need to approach a lot and cannot relax. Because they are in their head thinking of the next move, they cannot see the signs of the women. When they approach girls start breeding fast and girls can sense that. They cannot slow down and let go of that tension. One of the key points and that can make a change in your game is to learn to relax (this comes as well with experience and self-awareness). Be aware of how you breed during the interaction and calm down, try to talk slower, you will see it will bring her attraction up. Most guys think that a good player will have all the interactions working great, but this is not the reality, you must accept the fact there is a percentage of approaches that are not fully under your control. For me the biggest change came when I started to let go of trying to control every interaction. The tension comes because you have an agenda behind your approach and its in your head during the all interaction. I am not saying you should not have a plan but don't act like you need something from her. You must feel that you could walk away at any time and you would not be affected by it. Also, I used to think in each interaction there was someone holding a frame. Whoever had the strongest frame was winning the interaction right? NO! There is an ultimate one THE COLLABORATIVE FRAME! Before that I used to go into frame battles trying desperately to win. You think she is shit testing you, she is trying to make you prove yourself. There is another way of perceiving this. Start thinking that everyone is your friend, everyone is on your team. From this place there is NO FRAME battle. There is NOTHING to WIN because there is NOTHING to COMPETE against. If you go into that collaborative frame, then another reality opens to you. Interactions become easy and effortless. You finally can actually relax and enjoy not only more and better results but the entire PROCESS itself. In summary: Learn to relax, talk slower. Accept that Success on approaching is fully under your control. Enjoy the interaction instead of focusing on the outcome but at the same time always keep moving things forward. See the interaction from a Collaborative frame and not COMPETITIVE. DON'T MISS PART 2 ON MY NEXT POST! Hope it was helpful See you on the next one šŸ¤«
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You should cancel that uber

Bcoz I am here to pick you up (from Battle of Pick-up lines)
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Did you abandon the first order in your first battle?

B/C you FN as hell
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