Coal Pick up lines

The best Coal pick up lines

Damn girl, are you a coal digger?

Cause I want to make you mine.
👤︎ u/Sumo-911
📅︎ Sep 20
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Hey girl, are you a person who has just reached working age in a Pennsylvania coal company town?

Because I've just got to make you mine.
📅︎ Oct 19
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The path of picking up ladies and superficiality

"How many of these things have you sold?" said me uncle. He used to work in Coal-MINING. We gave him the benefit of the doubt when we called him our uncle, but we think he's really not one of us. Tables are turning, minds are churning, pornography is destroying our uncles, our this, our that. These days it's all about MUSCLE. Cash flowing from the WALLET. Superficial and maniacal, that's why we fantasize. PORNOGRAPHY has contributed to the EPITOMY OF BAD, called the internet. It's been extremely bad for all of the children and me uncle was the first to called it out in the late 90s. Guys, if you're on this path for real, comment "Yes, I'm gonna do this". \-Damien
📅︎ Feb 06
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Come sit on Santa's lap...

And turn this lump of coal into a diamond.
📅︎ Dec 05
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