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Can't contain the love

Girl are you Docker? 'Cause I'd ship us anywhere
👤︎ u/rsrs_42
📅︎ Dec 12
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Are you a metal container?

Because you look like a tin to me.
👤︎ u/EarthLaser
📅︎ Aug 16
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Hey girl, are you a feasible region?

Because you contain every possible solution to my problems.
📅︎ Oct 24
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What chat up lines contain the word Pull or Pulled?

Part of an academic project, I swear!
👤︎ u/Pploy
📅︎ Apr 07
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Pickup Line containing "easy"

Hello Redditors! I need a pickup line which contains the word easy - no restricitons about how had or good it is. Can you help me? Thanks!
📅︎ Jun 04
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In order to be classified as peanut butter,

peanut butter needs to contain as least 90% peanuts, otherwise it's classified as a peanut spread. So would you like to come over, eat 20lbs of peanuts, and get peanut spread?
👤︎ u/Shipper0007
📅︎ May 24
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