Dude Pick up lines

The best Dude pick up lines

Hey dude, don’t know how it happened, but I lost my dick.

Mind if I borrow yours?
👤︎ u/houston_bbtm
📅︎ Oct 25
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Hey dude are you Kyle Rayner

Because I want to get shoved in your fridge
👤︎ u/softpossumboi
📅︎ Sep 14
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Hey, girl/dude are you a cigarette

Cause I want you to blow me
👤︎ u/i-has-the-funnies
📅︎ Aug 01
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I’m a heavy dude/former slovenly lothario and this one worked almost every time.

FYI: This is the condensed version. I had to work for it. It wasn’t as simple as just a few sentences. “Hey there! I’m Dave.” ((makes small talk...tries to get date)) Her: “Yeah, thanks but no thanks.” Me: “Why not? Is it my size? I mean, yeah, I’m fat, but so?” Her: “You said it, not me.” Me: “Ah, come on. There are a ton of guys out there named Dave I bet you’d go out with, but have you ever been out with a ton of guy named Dave?” Her: ((laughs...panties drop))
👤︎ u/damronhimself
📅︎ Aug 25
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on this warm summer day, I'm on a path without a way, to find someone who is a dude

Would you please send a nude?
👤︎ u/CallmeIrrelavant
📅︎ Aug 28
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I like my coffee like I like my women

Strong, sweet, and brown\~ >!Before ya'll call me out on being racist, I'm a brown dude as well aight?!<
👤︎ u/DavidTenebris
📅︎ Oct 22
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Dude why did you just take my lungs? WTF

I guess you could say that you took my breath away... but when I went to the operating room to have them replaced, they did surgery on my heart too. Wonder why? I think you stole that too.
👤︎ u/swingingnutsackyummy
📅︎ Jul 13
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Dude are you an email address?

Because you're a hot male
👤︎ u/MrKeyblade
📅︎ Oct 30
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Hit me with your best pickup lines mah dudes

I’ll try em out and post the results here if you’d like.
👤︎ u/lavenderlyfe
📅︎ Mar 16
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Hey dude are you a sandwich

Because I want to put my white sauce between your buns
👤︎ u/mymothersaidno
📅︎ Jan 11
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For ya all indian dudes out there

Baatei aaisi krta hu ki duniya bhula du .......... ...Baatei aaisi krta hu ki duniya bhula du....... .........Bistar me to aao tumhe jannat dikha du
👤︎ u/nchugh7
📅︎ Apr 04
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I need some creativity

I need a funny pickup line to tell this guy at school. I want it to seem smooth and natural, like not too obvious, so if he reacts weird I can play it off But if you got any other good ones, comment it my dudes
👤︎ u/mrsjunglebear1
📅︎ Jan 17
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Proven Formula for Picking Up Chicks

I have created the perfect formula for helping my guy friends pick up chicks in bars. Men, all you need is one female friend or buddy’s girlfriend (let’s call her Hannah) to help and the hot chick you want to meet needs to be at the bar. Step 1: Hannah goes up to bar next to the hot chick you want to pick up. Step 2: Hannah compliments the hot chick on literally anything (“omg I love your hair color who is your stylist?” “wow that jacket is awesome, where can I find one” etc.). We all love talking to chicks who say nice things about us. Step 3: While Hannah is chatting up hot girl on her right, you are buying three shots on her left. Step 4: You offer a shot to Hannah while she is still chatting up hot chick. Step 5: Hannah (loudly) claims she can’t find her boyfriend who the third shot was purchased for. Since Hannah and hot chick are now BFFs, she turns to hot chick and says the following “My friend Jake here bought my boyfriend and I a shot but we can’t find him anywhere, do you want to take it with us?” Introduce yourself. Offer hot girl the shot. Emphasize that Hannah’s boyfriend disappeared, etc. Step 6: Hot girl ALWAYS says yes because hot girls at bars love free shots. Step 7: Hannah takes a shot. Tells Lexi (all hot girls are named Lexi) it was nice to meet her, and dips out. You are left chatting up Lexi, buy her a drink, drunkenly make out with her in a corner after 2 hours, etc.p Why does this work? 1. When Hannah compliments Lexi (aka hot chick), Lexi automatically likes Hannah and sees that she’s totally normal and super nice. 2. By you being friends with Hannah, it makes you seem like a regular cool guy and you must be great if you have such cool female friends. 3. Because you’re buying shots, you also seem like a pretty cool dude. Everyone loves the guy who buys people shots. 4. And most importantly, because Hannah lies about her boyfriend being in the bathroom or wherever, hot chick knows you two aren’t hooking and that Hannah is not a threat. Hannah wins because she gets a free shot. Lexi wins because she gets a free shot and gets to meet a cool person like yourself. You win because awesome hot chicks like us let you buy us shots. Go forth and conquer, my friends.
👤︎ u/Not_That_Tall
📅︎ Oct 19
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