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Damn girl, are you the mod of r/pickuplines?

Because you should remove the comments spamming "Nice". Filling up the comments of every post. They make it harder to find actually good/funny comments. Edit : u/NicoleMary27, Notice me senpai, the nice comments have upwards of 100 downvotes, people don't likr those comments, please make a rule and enforce it to prevent these annoying comments
👤︎ u/EnderbroSonny
📅︎ Jul 17
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You look as tasty as an Oreo cookie

Now all you need is some cream filling
👤︎ u/korvers-kum-komrade
📅︎ May 20
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Are you a donut? (Two variations)

1. 'Cuz I've got just the munchkin to fill your hole. 2. 'Cuz you're great already, but you'd be even better with a cream filling.
👤︎ u/S4PG
📅︎ Mar 03
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For this one be sure to screenshot the “new contact” screen, like putting a new number basically

“Sorry to bother you, I just wanted to see if you could help me by filling out a quick survey I have for school, it’ll only take 2 seconds I promise” “Sure” *send screenshot of the empty New Contact screen* See if they give you their number 😉
👤︎ u/GSubmissions
📅︎ Apr 28
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Have you ever wanted to be a twinky

Cuz I can give you a cream filling
👤︎ u/Godzilla2334
📅︎ Aug 04
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