Heavenly Pick up lines

The best Heavenly pick up lines

girl are you a planet?

cos my gravity is attracted to your heavenly body
📅︎ Sep 21
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Gurl, are you a planet?

Cos you're a heavenly body 👉🏻😉👉🏻
👤︎ u/pjp288
📅︎ Sep 14
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Hey girl did you fall from heaven?

Because your face is heavenly.
👤︎ u/cbconlin
📅︎ May 10
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I can't wait to become an astronaut!

So i can explore your heavenly body
📅︎ Feb 05
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Call me and Ass-tronaut

Because that booty is on a heavenly body
👤︎ u/arigilb
📅︎ Sep 02
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Just thought this one up

"Are you an Astronomy major?" "Cause I'd love to look at your heavenly body!"
👤︎ u/SoundTrax
📅︎ Jan 31
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