Swing Pick up lines

The best Swing pick up lines

Let's go on a date themed after the WSB stocks

We can catch a movie at AMC, swing by Gamestop, and then get Naked
📅︎ Jan 31
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Hey boy, are you a grandfather's clock?

Cuz I'd love to take your pendulum around for a swing!
📅︎ Oct 29
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Hey baby, are you a Diamond Sword?

Because I heard how you swing, why don't you CRAFT a bed next to MINE\~?
📅︎ Oct 12
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Cheesiest pickup line

Damn girl, you look Gouda! But you'd look cheddar next to me. Fondue you want to provolone some of your time? I promise I'm not a Muenster. Maybe we could get some wine for all this cheese. Have had a recent swing of success with this on tinder...good luck!
📅︎ Sep 07
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