Height Pick up lines

The best Height pick up lines

Hey, I'm afraid of heights

Would you help me get in bed? Or alternatively: would mind being on top? Or alternatively, if you're gay: would you be my top?
👤︎ u/hiimras
📅︎ Sep 24
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I used to be scared of heights...

Thanks cause I'm not afraid anymore, since I fell for you. - Day 25
👤︎ u/suyashve
📅︎ Jan 29
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Hey, are you a 3d printer?

Because I want to level your bed (3d printers make a 3d object layer by layer, and the first one is the most important, because it is put on a hot plate also called bed, so to get a good first layer, you need to calibrate the height of the plate, or in other words, level the bed)
👤︎ u/GeoMap73
📅︎ Jan 15
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Damn girl, are you a vertically challenged bipolar?

Because you've got a great pair of personalities at about chest height
👤︎ u/Nomekop777
📅︎ Mar 10
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She asked me why I didn't bother talking to her anymore...

I told her I'm not built to climb mountains and on the heights she stands I'm not sure I could breathe long enough to express what I see.
👤︎ u/berdiaon
📅︎ Dec 28
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