Hypothetic Pick up lines

The best Hypothetic pick up lines

Hypothetically if you were a toaster

And I were bread, would you lemme in??
👤︎ u/locus0016
📅︎ Jun 11
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Say, hypothetically, you was a mango stig, and I was an emotionally conflicted junior with a dying tiktok account...

Would u lemme hit?
👤︎ u/bruh_chain
📅︎ Jun 07
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Hypothetically, If you was a door

Can I knock you up?
👤︎ u/coolcodin
📅︎ Oct 28
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Hypothetically, if I were Covid-19

If I were Covid-19 and you were a weak immune system... Could I cum inside you? Ahhaahaaa
👤︎ u/Jerry_Sama
📅︎ Mar 30
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Hypothetically if I was a baseball coach

Could I teach you to catch balls in with your hands
👤︎ u/Cement_2003
📅︎ Mar 07
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Hypothetically if I was Cameron Boyce...

Would u lemme stroke?
👤︎ u/PYM0711
📅︎ Jan 11
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