Inches Pick up lines

The best Inches pick up lines

Do you want 12 inches of dick tonight

Because we could have sex 4 times tonight
πŸ‘€οΈŽ u/crackit_boi
πŸ“…οΈŽ Feb 11
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You know why they call me a snowstorm?

Cause I’ll give ya 5’-8’ inches and make it slightly harder for you to walk in the morning
πŸ“…οΈŽ Feb 11
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What's 8 inches and can ruin your a day? πŸ˜‰

A brick
πŸ‘€οΈŽ u/Boredquarantine520
πŸ“…οΈŽ Apr 28
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Can I treat you like a snowstorm?

I'll give you 5-8 inches and make it midly incoveinient for you to walk.
πŸ‘€οΈŽ u/Matijaa_
πŸ“…οΈŽ Jan 31
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I might not have inches

But its not the size of the boat its the motion of the ocean
πŸ‘€οΈŽ u/BlurrLion
πŸ“…οΈŽ Dec 17
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I’m not the weather girl

But I can predict you’ll be growing a few inches tonight.
πŸ‘€οΈŽ u/littlebizcocho
πŸ“…οΈŽ Nov 23
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Damn, I'm no weatherman

But, you can expect a couple inches tonight
πŸ‘€οΈŽ u/Cheeezio
πŸ“…οΈŽ Dec 07
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Girl, there’s a reason im not tall

God put the inches in the wrong place ;)
πŸ‘€οΈŽ u/RoofTheOof
πŸ“…οΈŽ Nov 04
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She:How tall are you?

She:How tall are you? He:I was supposed to be 6'10. She:So what happened? He:God put the remaining 7 inches somewhere else.
πŸ‘€οΈŽ u/KalluMemer
πŸ“…οΈŽ Dec 02
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I would love to give you 11 inches...

But you would have to receive it in 2 installments.
πŸ‘€οΈŽ u/Peteypablo86
πŸ“…οΈŽ Jan 01
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I want to love you like a snowstorm

Give you 3-4 inches and give you a headache getting into work in the morning.
πŸ‘€οΈŽ u/kbetter1
πŸ“…οΈŽ Oct 06
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I'm not a weatherman...

But you can expect 7-8 inches in your forecast tonight, you won't be able to leave the house for a few days
πŸ‘€οΈŽ u/suyashve
πŸ“…οΈŽ Sep 05
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I was gonna become a pro basketball player

But god put 10 inches in the wrong spot
πŸ‘€οΈŽ u/camfox643
πŸ“…οΈŽ Jul 17
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"I'm no weatherman, but you can expect a few more inches tonight..."

Whatchca' think about it ;D ?
πŸ‘€οΈŽ u/AyshineMatt
πŸ“…οΈŽ Jan 20
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I'm no weatherman but

you can expect more than a few inches tonight
πŸ‘€οΈŽ u/titan1655
πŸ“…οΈŽ May 15
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I know we have only just met, but I would like to get to know you on a deeper level

about 8 inches deeper
πŸ‘€οΈŽ u/bandg1987
πŸ“…οΈŽ May 05
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Are you a weather woman?

Cause I’m seeing 8 inches in your forecast.
πŸ‘€οΈŽ u/DimiInOffice
πŸ“…οΈŽ Oct 16
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Hey girl you like credit cards?

Good cause I'm 3 inches and generate no interest
πŸ‘€οΈŽ u/Lifesduff
πŸ“…οΈŽ Mar 26
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I'm no weatherman but

You should climb into bed tonight expecting 7-10 inches only to be disappointed by 3 that's gone soft in 15 minutes😏.
πŸ‘€οΈŽ u/Lifesduff
πŸ“…οΈŽ Apr 09
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Baby im like a snowstorm...

I bring you 6-8 inches overnight and make it mildey Inconvenient for you to walk in the morning.
πŸ‘€οΈŽ u/Dinokoospa
πŸ“…οΈŽ Jul 24
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Are you a subway employee?

Because you smell like onions and lied about giving me 6 inches.
πŸ‘€οΈŽ u/NachoAverageMuenster
πŸ“…οΈŽ Jul 25
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I ain't no weatherman baby...

But you can expect a few inches tonight! (please forgive if re-post)
πŸ‘€οΈŽ u/MarmadukeV2
πŸ“…οΈŽ Mar 18
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I'm going to treat you like a snowstorm

Give you 8 inches and make it mildly inconvenient for you to move in the morning.
πŸ‘€οΈŽ u/Alexei_the_slav
πŸ“…οΈŽ Jan 25
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Why would you pay $5 for a footlong when...

you can get these two inches for free?
πŸ‘€οΈŽ u/mjpreddog
πŸ“…οΈŽ Aug 24
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Everyone calls me a king

Because a king is a ruler and a ruler is 12 inches
πŸ‘€οΈŽ u/Robinti99
πŸ“…οΈŽ Aug 11
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