Rainbow Pick up lines

The best Rainbow pick up lines

Hey Girl are you a rainbow?

Coz your curves are anything but flat.
👤︎ u/thisandthat1997
📅︎ May 15
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hey girl i’ve got skittles in my mouth

do you wanna taste the rainbow?
👤︎ u/imlookingforawife
📅︎ Nov 06
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Did you know my lips are like skittles?

Want to taste the rainbow
👤︎ u/Alfiebell7
📅︎ Jun 30
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My lips are like skittles

Want to taste the rainbow?
👤︎ u/NuggetTh1ef06
📅︎ Mar 15
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Hey are you a pot of gold?

Because i want you to be at the end of my rainbow
👤︎ u/HomelessT9
📅︎ Oct 22
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Did you know my lips are like Skittles

So wanna taste the rainbow?
👤︎ u/kortbug2000
📅︎ Jun 29
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