Smooth Pick up lines

The best Smooth pick up lines

Yo this smooth as hell, yall cant laugh at me

Me: hey do you know where "me saying an name of shop" Her: yes that way Me: and ehm..Your number? (Shows phone) Bruh this is smooth as hell right
👤︎ u/wansen5
📅︎ Apr 19
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Smooth one there timothy😎

Damn girl are you danish cuz i wanna eat u
👤︎ u/hagentellsyoustuff
📅︎ Mar 02
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I was told this was very smooth..

Your body has more definition than a thousand dictionaries.
👤︎ u/vice_john
📅︎ Oct 18
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Hey girl, is your heart made of diamond?

*Because I'm a smooth criminal*
👤︎ u/anonymous0876
📅︎ Dec 17
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Damn girl are you an appendix because i dont understand how you work but this feeling in my stomach makes me wanna take you out

Smooth Criminal
👤︎ u/sickcontz
📅︎ Jul 23
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Those dms look smooth

Mind if I slip and slid into them?
👤︎ u/Bim03gaming
📅︎ Oct 12
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They say I’m like a good old Scotch

Because I go down on you very smoothly
👤︎ u/Roadrunner_Alex11
📅︎ Oct 29
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Little urgent help pls ...

Her initial is Z and mine is Y. Anything can think of a smooth pick up line using that info ? Maybe something to do with the Alphabet song on how it ends with "YZ" ? lol
👤︎ u/simplyyy
📅︎ Sep 01
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smooth line to ask out a cute security guard??

I could really use some assistance! There is a very cute, male (straight I think), security guard where I spend much of my time. We talk occasionally.. I think he might be shy. I'm also shy. So I want to slip him a note with a cheesy pickup line and my number <3. I'm a lady, and we are both mid twenties I believe. Thanks!
👤︎ u/untilsometime
📅︎ Dec 20
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Did you know my legs are like peanut butter?

Smooth, creamy, and easy to spread.
👤︎ u/jeanettevee093
📅︎ Apr 02
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Some really smooth pick up lines?

What are the smoothest pick up lines you know?
👤︎ u/ap6767
📅︎ Sep 21
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I need some creativity

I need a funny pickup line to tell this guy at school. I want it to seem smooth and natural, like not too obvious, so if he reacts weird I can play it off But if you got any other good ones, comment it my dudes
👤︎ u/mrsjunglebear1
📅︎ Jan 17
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One of my smoothest moves by far...

Not really a line but I felt like this belonged here. So I have a scar on my left hand, its a little dent that I got when I fell on a belt buckle and got the thing that goes through the loops stuck in it. The other night I was walking around with this girl I like and I was telling her the story and put out my hand to show her and so she could feel it. She feels around and says something about how it must've hurt and I respond with something along the lines of. "Yeah it was awful," and then I wrapped my hand around hers and started walking. I still can't believe it actually worked.
👤︎ u/Dovarc
📅︎ Nov 10
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