Station Pick up lines

The best Station pick up lines

Hey girl, do you work at the gas station?

Cause you have ignited the engine inside me;)
šŸ‘¤ļøŽ u/pogba-akshay
šŸ“…ļøŽ Dec 31
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Do you have a docking station?

Because my ipod would be a perfect fit
šŸ‘¤ļøŽ u/Peace_loving_decoy
šŸ“…ļøŽ May 16
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Are you my favorite radio station?

Because I could listen to you all day.
šŸ‘¤ļøŽ u/RuralDude88
šŸ“…ļøŽ Feb 24
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Can you help me with a math problem? Two trains leave the same station at the same time...

One is traveling west at 85 mph, the other heading east at 75 mph. At that rate, how long will it take for you to give me your number?
šŸ‘¤ļøŽ u/lolabugsabq
šŸ“…ļøŽ Sep 25
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Hey girl, are you my space station?

Cause Iā€™d like to dock my space shuttle in you.
šŸ‘¤ļøŽ u/wokayy
šŸ“…ļøŽ Sep 11
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Are you the International Space Station?

Because you're out of this world
šŸ‘¤ļøŽ u/machi_koro
šŸ“…ļøŽ Mar 28
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Are you a gas station?

Because you look like a QT
šŸ‘¤ļøŽ u/GuyfromIT
šŸ“…ļøŽ Mar 05
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I don't really like science that much,

But Can I dock my rocket at your space station šŸš€šŸ’¦šŸ‘» - Day 5
šŸ‘¤ļøŽ u/suyashve
šŸ“…ļøŽ Jan 09
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