Accidentally Pick up lines

The best Accidentally pick up lines

Are you a banana peel?

Because I've accidentally slipped into your dms
📅︎ Nov 04
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Hey, Could you take me to the doctors?

Because I accidentally broke my leg falling for you.
👤︎ u/levfy
📅︎ Jul 19
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Hey baby, are you my computer

cause you're hot and full of viruses I accidentally gave you ;)
👤︎ u/mgl200
📅︎ Dec 15
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Sorry I took so long to message,

I accidentally got lost in your eyes.
👤︎ u/TJ_T19
📅︎ Dec 29
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I think I got some sun today

Wanna compare tan lines later tonight? 😉 disclaimer: Accidentally posted this on my Snapchat wall instead of sending it to my wife to flirt with her - results were interesting. See my tifu post.
👤︎ u/ItsMrZombie
📅︎ May 27
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Hey, Can I Use Your Phone to Find My Phone?

"Hey, I lost my phone... Any chance I could use your phone to find mine?" Call your phone and immediately hand it back to them. "Oh... Someone was calling you and I accidentally picked up! Here, take it!" Now take your your phone and answer. "Hey, I was just thinking about you."
📅︎ Apr 30
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