Comeback Pick up lines

The best Comeback pick up lines

Comeback for "You look like trash, can I take you out?"

Any good ideas?
👤︎ u/Riveras_4u
📅︎ Jul 26
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When a girl says they're ugly

The real beauty is in the inside, so let me go inside you (This is more of like a pick up line and a comeback combined)
📅︎ Oct 06
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Quick - I need a comeback for this horrible pick-up line!

A guy on tinder said to me: "Would you like a cheesy, dirty, or generic compliment pick up line?" I want something really good to say back to him - some kind of roast. Thanks in advance, your friendly neighborhood Tinderella.
📅︎ Jun 02
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Best response for Are you the bottom of my laptop? Because you're really hot and I'm getting nervous.

What's the best, funny comeback for this pickup line?
📅︎ Nov 22
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