Dessert Pick up lines

The best Dessert pick up lines

I'm not a dessert person

but I have a sweet tooth for you
👤︎ u/Your_post_not_good
📅︎ May 07
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You must be my favorite dessert

Cause I can eat you all day!
👤︎ u/somefrigginidiot
📅︎ Aug 09
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Nice ice cream you got there,

If that's your dessert, do you wanna be mine?
👤︎ u/Juwutheblue
📅︎ Apr 25
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For them waiters and waitresses

*after they bring the dessert menu” “Hey excuse me, there’s something wrong with my menu” “I’m sorry, what seems to be the problem” “I don’t see you on here” 😏
👤︎ u/TFF_Torquejack
📅︎ Dec 15
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My bloodsugar is so high

If you were a vampire, I'd be dessert. EDIT: dessert
👤︎ u/forward_x
📅︎ Jul 07
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