Impostor Pick up lines

The best Impostor pick up lines

If we play among us can I be the impostor?

Because I want to take you out
👤︎ u/wrongareyou
📅︎ Oct 06
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Are you the Impostor?

Because you sabotage my O2
👤︎ u/suyashve
📅︎ Nov 17
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Hey, are you the impostor?

Because you're the only one that stands out to me :) Edit: Thank you kind stranger for the gold!
📅︎ Oct 25
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Hey girl are you the impostor?

Cause u look sus af
📅︎ Oct 21
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Hey are you an impostor?

Cos i would like to go through your vent
📅︎ Oct 22
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Did the impostor sabotage the O2

Because you took my breath away
📅︎ Sep 16
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