Insecure Pick up lines

The best Insecure pick up lines

Roses are red, I'm insecure.

Give me a kiss, that is the perfect cure
👤︎ u/sid_bb
📅︎ May 23
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Is your middle name "S"?

Wow, that's super convenient. My middle name is HTTP. Without you, I'm insecure.
👤︎ u/daniel101x
📅︎ Oct 09
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Hey girl, Are you HTTP?

Because you are really insecure
📅︎ Jan 10
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Hey, are you an HTTP?

Because I feel insecure around you
📅︎ Oct 23
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Are you the 'S' to my HTTPS?

Because without you I feel insecure.
👤︎ u/suyashve
📅︎ Aug 04
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