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The best Own pick up lines

Hey girl I brew my own beer, file my own taxes, make my own porn

Threw some words together, should I try this on someone?
👤︎ u/pypluto
📅︎ Jan 06
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Hey Girl, Do You Own A Donkey,

Please Show Me Your Ass.
👤︎ u/ryalator10
📅︎ Dec 02
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Have you ever had your own personal plumber?

If not, I’m always willing to clean your pipes ;)
👤︎ u/DirtyPineappleFaygo
📅︎ Dec 07
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Girl, you've got me feeling like I must own an extraordinarily popular Vietnamese restaurant

Cause I've gotta phở queue
👤︎ u/OneQuadrillionOwls
📅︎ Oct 19
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Hey girl are you a fake scenario that will never happen but just hurt my own feelings

Because i can't stop thinking about you
👤︎ u/Camuilo
📅︎ Nov 04
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What to actually say when approaching somebody

A lot of guys say “I don’t know what to say when I approach a woman,” so I decided to write this article with some tips. The thing women are most attracted to is an adventure, and a fun conversation should be an adventure where you and her are tackling a difficult, interesting, and fun subject, with you in the lead. The “value” you provide her is your leadership in the conversation, and the value she provides is that she contributes to the fun of the conversation. Your goal, therefore, is to get the conversation to a point where it is fun and interesting before she loses interest and becomes bored. To do this you must “hook” her with an opener, and then you can hopefully get the conversation to a point where you are talking about deep, fun, interesting stuff as quick as possible. **Openers** A compliment is a great opener because it implies that she has already done something to contribute to your emotional experience. You can say “Hey, you look fucking amazing” or “Hey you look fucking hot” or “Hey, I love your shoes, backpack, hair, etc…” or “I fucking love your energy and aura.” If she reacts with interest, you can follow it up with “What’s your name” or something like “You are hot, but are you nice/cool/etc…?” If a girl is having a great time and exuding joy and positivity, I will make that the basis of my compliment and say something like “You look like you are having the most fun of any person here” or “Damn, I love how you came to turn the fuck up tonight” or “Thanks for coming. This party is so much better because of you.” I can already hear you dorks squealing “you can’t tell a girl she looks hot! You will look needy, creepy, etc…” Wrong. As you will learn, creepiness is when you do more for a woman than she has done for you or than she deserves. If a girl spends a bunch of time doing her hair and makeup before she goes out and you tell her that she looks great, you are doing the right amount for her. If, however, you tell her she looks hot and she brushes you off, and then you hang around staring at her with your tongue out, THEN you look creepy. A simple and effective opener is to introduce yourself. “Hi, my name is X. What’s yours?” This is good for more formal situations where you can’t go around telling girls they look fucking hot. If you are in a party or something where everybody knows each other, you should introduce yourself to every single girl there as a matter of course. You can also keep it simple and go with “Hey, how are you?” or “What’s going on with you?” or “Hey, what’s up?” Because these statements have relatively low emotional impact, you need to deliver them with extra intensity. If a woman is mid-conversation with somebody else, you can butt in and say “Hey I’m really sorry for interrupting, but I just wanted to say you look fucking amazing.” If there is a group, you can hand out compliments to the entire group, but you should quickly settle on one woman and make it clear to everybody that she is your target. If you want to get a little spicy, you can try the following: “Sorry for interrupting, but you are too hot for this place.” If you want to get extra extra spicy, you can say “you are too hot for these guys you are with.” If the girl is clearly too good for the guys she is with and is clearly unhappy with them, this can work. Otherwise, it is risky. “So, what’s your deal?” (with a sly grin) “Congratulations, what’s it like to be the hottest girl in this club?” If you have a friend with you, a very effective approach is to go up to the girls and introduce them to your friends. For some reason, this technique has been very effective for me, and I am not sure why. It might be because I am immediately giving my friend social proof in front of the women, or maybe it is because my friend does not look needy because he is technically not the one doing the approach. For whatever reason, it works. Many men approach women and immediately lose confidence or their mind goes blank. To prevent yourself from doing this, I suggest at least one follow up line to keep the conversation going. “Where were you before this?” or “What have you been up to tonight?” “What did you do today?” (This one sounds weird but it is actually very effective. Everybody is thinking about what they did that day, and it sounds like something you would hear from somebody you were close with). “What brings you here tonight?” “Have you been here before?” “Are you having a fun night?” “How do you guys know each other?” (when there are two people) For your second line, you can also use one of your other openers. For example, if you open with “hey my name is” your second line can be “you look fucking hot.” If you think those lines are corny and you think you can do better, then fuck off and think of your own. Remember, these scripted lines are back-up plans for when you cannot think of anything else. It is always better to be in the moment. What you say doesn’t matter as much as how you say it. **Deep conversation subjects** Ideally, your goal should be to get the conversation as deep as possible as quickly as possible. The purpose is for you and her to go on an adventure and “conquer” the difficult question. Here are some go-to questions I use, including my answers for these questions. What is the craziest thing you believe? (My answer: I believe in mind reading) Do you believe in ghosts? Aliens? (My answer: I am open to anything being true) What is your favorite conspiracy theory? (My answer: That Paul McCartney died in a car accident in the 60s and the current Paul McCartney is an imposter) What do you think a dream is? (My answer: a dream if your subconscious brain trying to help you solve a problem) If you could be any celebrity, who would you be? What is your idea of a perfect day? (Wake up, get high, go surfing, drink some cappuccino, have a delicious meal, fuck somebody I like) What do you think love is? (My answer: when you commit to doing the best thing for the other person, no matter what ‘the best’ is) What do you think a true friend is? (My answer: somebody who will be there for you at 3 AM). What superpower would you have if you could have any? (My answer: flying) What would you do if you had all the money in the world (My answer: buy myself an island and help poor people) What are you reading now? (My answer: whatever I am reading at that time). Other good subjects are drug stories, stories about times you did something really stupid, uplifting stories about a time when somebody was a good friend, and stories about a time you were really scared/embarrassed/uplifted/excited. Basically, any strong emotion. Because these subjects are deep, sometimes controversial, and require vulnerability, please make sure you do not say anything rude or judgmental. If you ask somebody what the craziest thing they believe is, and then you make fun of them for it after they do it, they will not open up to you again. Most people refrain from talking about subjects like this for the very reason that they are afraid of being judged. You want her to feel comfortable, open, and vulnerability. You might say “these are pretty serious subjects to bring up to a woman.” You are right – you have to find a way to talk about this stuff in a light-hearted, fun way. Take away the stigma and pressure off of these subjects and make her feel like there is no “wrong” answer and you are both there to have fun, not for anybody to “win” or make the other person feel bad. The purpose of these questions is to spark a deep, interesting conversation that touches people’s emotions: their desires, their fears, their values, etc… **Topics to Stay Away From** Stay away from anything relating to politics or religion if it something that you and her will inevitably disagree on. Also stay away from boring subjects like “what is your favorite movie or album”? That stuff is actually much less interesting and deep than people think. Stay away from exes. Stay away from subjects that could be interpreted as creepy – if you are interested in famous rapists or serial killers, you may want to keep that to yourself until you guys know each other very well.
👤︎ u/Woujo
📅︎ Dec 22
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Hey girl, do you own a bakery?

Cause I wanna put my loaf in your oven
👤︎ u/upvotesdontgivecoins
📅︎ Sep 14
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Does your family own the local bakery?

Cause I can see you've got the best cake in town
👤︎ u/suyashve
📅︎ Jul 02
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i’m tired of tasting my own mouth

can i taste yours?
👤︎ u/AlsetLight
📅︎ Jul 13
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You think this face is ugly ( pointing towards your own face)

Babe, girls die to sit on it
👤︎ u/sunridersurya
📅︎ Aug 14
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We might be some bad apples on our own,

But together we would make a great pear.
👤︎ u/Purecheeze3
📅︎ Jun 16
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I would take you to a movie... but

They won’t let you bring your own snack!
👤︎ u/HogHank
📅︎ Oct 11
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Hey girl I wanted to take you to the movies but

But they don't allow to bring your own snacks. Edit: honestly didn't expect it to blow up this much lol
👤︎ u/HollowfiedNazgul
📅︎ Sep 21
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Do you know we never stop tasting our own tongues?

Other person: yea, so? How about i taste yours for a change?
👤︎ u/sid_bb
📅︎ May 23
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Whoa girl, do you own a dairy farm?

Because you got some nice calves! (baby cow)
👤︎ u/Ottobot1058
📅︎ Apr 04
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You know we spend our entire lives tasting our own saliva?

Let me taste yours for a change 😏
👤︎ u/yeettheoof
📅︎ Feb 26
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Pointing at my own face

You know this seat is saved just for you
👤︎ u/jacobs_andre_01
📅︎ Mar 09
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I’d like to take you to the movies,

but they don’t let you bring in your own snacks.
👤︎ u/_cracktivist_
📅︎ Nov 14
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I’d show you my world

But I’m pretty sure you own a mirror
👤︎ u/big-star445
📅︎ Oct 28
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Evey guy has his own favorite pair of boxers.

If your lucky enough maybe I'll show you mine.:)
👤︎ u/aa89027
📅︎ Oct 28
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You know, I would show you my world🌎...

but I'm sure you own a mirror 😉😍
👤︎ u/that1kidinthecornerr
📅︎ Jul 15
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How I get boys to talk to me at bars

Junior Year of College when I first started going to bars on Thursday nights, I was getting into the Juul. I didn’t have my own but when ever I was at a bar and some guy had a juul I’d ask them if I could hit it. They’d let me, I’d smoke it for a minute. Then give it back. After that, they would always try to talk to me. So eventually I used the “can I hit your juul” to start convos with guys at shitty college bars. No longer gonna be my pick up line with Covid tho. And I quit juul too haha.
👤︎ u/lizbradley33
📅︎ Aug 15
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Damn girl,are you relegious scripture?

Because I want to constantly misinterpret you for my own benifit.
👤︎ u/Botty_exterminator
📅︎ Jun 20
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I wish I can take you to the movies,

But they don't allow me to bring my own snacks.
👤︎ u/Duel-shock514
📅︎ May 01
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I would like to show you my World

But I'm pretty sure you own a Mirror 👻 - Day 4
👤︎ u/suyashve
📅︎ Jan 07
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I’d show you my world...

But I’m pretty sure you own a mirror
👤︎ u/dannydon03
📅︎ Oct 30
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Are you Lightning? 🌩

Because I wanna make you McQueen 😎 KACHOWWW Probably already been done as it’s not my own but I don’t have anyone to credit
👤︎ u/Kai415
📅︎ May 22
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Want to know how I went from Virgin to Gang bangs in a short time?

Not so long ago I was a video gamer. I used to play Call of Duty a lot!! For one of the games of the series I even had 52 days of game played. This is almost 2 full months of nonstop playing. I used video games as an escape from my real life that really sucked. I had no experience at the time with girls. I had no girlfriends I was just the friendzone kid, the nerd or the friend of the nerds. I was bullied as well. When I was a child, I was protected a lot. My mother was not letting me make my mistakes. I was soft on the inside. The bullies could sense that, so i was an easy target. Even if I moved school, I was still getting bullied. Also, when I had girls in my table in class I was … \[21:35, 13/04/2020\] Barrocas: Want to know how I went from Loser Virgin to Gang bangs in a short time? Not so long ago I was a video gamer. I used to play Call of Duty a lot!! For one of the games of the series I even had 52 days of game played. This is almost 2 full months of nonstop playing. I used video games as an escape from my real life that really sucked. I had no experience at the time with girls. I had no girlfriends I was just the friendzone kid, the nerd or the friend of the nerds. I was bullied as well. When I was a child, I was protected a lot. My mother was not letting me make my mistakes. I was soft on the inside. The bullies could sense that, so i was an easy target. Even if I moved school, I was still getting bullied. Also, when I had girls in my table in class I was just like a gay friend. Eventually I met a girl through a coworker. This was the first girl that actually got an interest in me. I even got her number. I would wait desperately when it was her turn to text me back or freak out when she didn´t reply immediately. When she replied I had seen on internet that i should not reply right away but I was really tempted and desperate. I eventually fucked that up. I got needy and she stopped replying. Since that moment I really got pissed! I got really frustrated so I decided I had to change something otherwise I would stay in this road FOREVER! I decided to start going out by myself. First started watching some videos and i thought what I was seeing there was way out of my reality. (I was watching just random videos of pranks and then I find out that they were all these videos about "game".) Couldn't believe what i was seeing in these videos. No way that was real! Lol I went out and I first tried to talk to girls but was too hard and way to out of my comfort zone. This is where a lot of guys go WRONG and just give up. Instead I decided to accept that I sucked, and went very small. Started by asking random simple things to people like going to old people and ask for directions or the time. I just wanted to be building up over time 1% every day. During my beginnings I had a lot of friends telling me to go to hookers and I told them to F\*\* off, “I am going to show you I can do it on my own”. Eventually, because I was going out by myself and pushing my limits, over time I started talking to girls. (that got me in some really funny stories like being arrested by the police but that is for another time 🤣) Finally after 5 months of going out i lost my virginity with a girl i approached in my town!! After 6 months found the Game community in Lisbon and met some guys I could go out with. After some time i started to get some more sporadic results and other close calls. Built my way up in the community and started organizing seminar in hotels and doing public speaking, giving value to the community. 2 years in finally found a real life mentor Dhurba Shrestha. He is what we call a "Natural" We went out for all full summer. We had a lot threesomes and gangbangs and even failed a couple of foursomes. We had a lot of fun! I learned a lot by going out with him and observing him. Became way more relaxed and natural than I was before. Now i look back and think how gamey I was. I talk way less and the impact of my words is way more powerful. Today when I say “Hi” it has the same impact has a huge opener. He really helped me go to the next level way quicker. I never thought I could have gang bangs…and girls actually love it!! The main thing that I learned from it was to not to be so possessive over a girl. To be able to share with another guy you must let go of that feeling of possession ( emotional attachment). So to finish off, You might think that right now you suck at talking to girls and it is difficult and hard But don't give up!! If you can't find help and you are by yourself and approaching girls is too hard for you.. Start with baby stepping!! Start talking to old people like I did and then build from there.. Slowly with time and pushing yourself a bit everyday you will start talking to girls Despite what i said previously, ideally you should not try this by yourself of course. Look for other wings to go out with, to motivate you or find someone better than you that is willing to mentor you or exchange some value so you can be around them and learn from them. Hope it was helpful Peace out 😘
👤︎ u/barrocasdiogo
📅︎ Apr 14
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Literally the 2 best pickup lines ever

Ok boys, these are not my own invention, but rather from a Key and Peele sketch. However, I have field tested them in real life, and I do have a 100% success rate with them or variations of them. “Looking at you is like looking at a mountain creek after a spring thaw, simply refreshing!” AND “You ladies are smoldering, just like the sun! And just as bright too, in those dresses!” Change them up a little. For example: “You are smoldering, just like the sun! And just bright too, with that smile.” If you really want to, you can add in a little “What is your secret?” After initial delivery Good luck boys!
👤︎ u/Rin_de_TongNou
📅︎ May 21
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Are you my homework? Because I could just watch a video but I really need the practice

My own take on the classic set up
👤︎ u/Ximension
📅︎ May 03
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I wish I could take you to the movies

But they won’t let me bring my own snack
👤︎ u/sidious256
📅︎ Apr 30
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This is not a process that comes in one day. This is how I went about it. One thing you must do is to be constantly learning. Watch and follow different people and coaches and try to take and adapt the information to your specific situation. You must be always questioning what they are saying don´t just accept what they say at face value. Even experts have their own blind spots!! While I was gaming, I was following different people with different approaches, then question those approaches and take my own conclusions. So how did I shift my paradigm? I was always curious. You reinforce the paradigm you are in when you do it over and over again, and that happens because you do not question it. For me it was always about questioning. When I saw other behaviors, I asked: “Where am I doing that?" "Where am I acting like that?” It is easier to watch others and see where they are fucking up but much harder to be self-aware and see where you are fucking up. Until you bring it to your awareness!! Being curious about your own mindset, your own thoughts, your own emotions. Ask “why should I feel like this or why I assume this is normal. Is there a way to see myself that is better? I Was always questioning myself and pushing. Don´t assume what you are doing is the right thing, and that what you are doing is the best you can do. Always question it. Is what I am doing the best thing I could be doing? What alternatives are there? What reality am I assuming to be true? For example, there is the belief that game is painful and hard. Is it really? Or is what you are doing, and your perception that gives you that idea? Maybe if you shift your perception this can help you perceive it has fun. You can see rejection has a negative outcome of the interaction. Or you can see has you are playing a video game and you went up one experience point in your journey and your character is becoming stronger each interaction you go in. Instead of just thinking what “did I do wrong. I am so stupid”. You can think “what was fun in this interaction?” Shifting your perception can help you change your beliefs about yourself and what you are doing. Are you always questioning yourself: “WHY AM I DOING THIS?” A great and enlightening exercise is to Ask why I am doing this and go to the bottom of it- ask “WHY” several times in a row (at least 5 times) until you reach the deepest why. After asking these questions constantly after some time I realized that one of the main reasons I was gaming was that I was looking for validation from woman and the man in the community. I realized I was in for the wrong reasons and I was not really enjoying the process. Even when I got laid, I was not enjoying it, I was elsewhere, thinking I was getting another lay count. When I started to question those things, I stopped looking for validation. Once you realize this and let go of it, your Game starts improving. You become less worried about the outcomes of the interaction and what other people will think. Women start feeling it that you are more present, and less needy. What happens is that you feel less the need to try to control the outcome and you are carefree of it. The more you release of the need to try to control everything the better are your results. Seems counter intuitive but it is what I experienced. Because you are not good enough you think you always must keep talking. You’re afraid she is going to go away. If you get rid of that fear, do what you feel like doing. Paradoxically that is what is going to get you laid more. You must start being aware of your thoughts and how you feel, then you must start thinking that you are good enough. This comes with time while taking action and getting better, your confidence will improve, and your beliefs will shift. When you believe that you are good enough and lose the need to try and control the outcomes is when you have more control and you EXPLODE your results. Hope it was helpful Peace 😘
👤︎ u/barrocasdiogo
📅︎ Apr 07
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me and my friend both who have similar taste came up with a bunch of music related pickup lines yesterday. here are my favorites:

damn girl are you the hotel california? cause when im in you i just can’t seem to leave Dang girl are you the Beatles? Cause after tonight we'll Come (cum) Together hey girl you know what we’ll be doing at This Time Tomorrow? getting Kinky you must be the Beatles, cause you’ve got me saying Oh Darling dang girl is this Boston, cause I think i wanna cut the Foreplay and get More to the Feeling dang girl are you Depeche Mode? Cause i'll have you crying out for your own Personal Jesus they call me the Byrds,,, but instead of Turn, Turn, Turn ill make you bend, bend, bend now you must be Third Eye Blind, cause you just got Semi-Charmed. the names ____, wanna get dinner? dang girl are you Streetlight Mannifesto? cause when i take you back to my place you'll be in a Better Place, a Better Time they call me DNCE, cause ill eat your Cake By The Ocean dang girl they must call you U2, cause there's so many things i'd like to do to you New Year’s Day dang girl are you Cake? cause i wanna Go The Distance (inside you) 👉😎👉
👤︎ u/Anxious_Masochist_
📅︎ Dec 20
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I’d like to show you my world

But I’m pretty sure you own a mirror
👤︎ u/reallyspicy422
📅︎ Nov 02
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Hey girl do you own a chicken farm?

Cuz you sure know how to rise a cock.
👤︎ u/PoD682
📅︎ Sep 04
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I would invite you to the movies with me but...

Last time i went they told me to stop bringing my own snacks.
👤︎ u/StainOfMystery
📅︎ Aug 20
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This one's a banger...😏

Girl are you a pinky toe cause I'd bang you on my couch. (Not my own creation heard it from a friend who probably found it online)
👤︎ u/NeatoGeeko
📅︎ Jul 06
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Hey baby, are you religious scripture ?

Because I wanna constantly misinterpret you for my own benefit.
👤︎ u/meme_stealing_bandit
📅︎ Mar 21
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Are you the hardware of my dreams?

> Screw software, I want > > to install my own firmware > > into your wetware
👤︎ u/Diapolo10
📅︎ May 13
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[PSA] Stop posting on r/Godtierpickuplines

The mods there manipulate stickying posts to get more upvotes on their own god-tier pickup lines. They're a bunch of douchebags for doing that and their sub is not worth your time. Also, by extension, please stop tagging it here.
👤︎ u/MisterSheeple
📅︎ Jul 07
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I'd take you to the movies..

But they don't let you bring your own snack.
👤︎ u/HolyWaterHangover
📅︎ May 30
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Hey do you like wine?

They most likely say yes, you answer with: Damn I can tell, cause you look fine as red wine and twice as mellow 😉 Not my own original pickup line but it works
👤︎ u/blinkyblinky420
📅︎ Mar 03
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How much do you know about astronomy?

Fun fact, great astral objects such as galaxies and planets actually do exhibit a small amount of gravitational force on people, but because they're so far away and our own Earth's gravity is so strong, we don't really notice it. In fact, it's less than the gravity of another human standing a few feet away form you! *Which means,* that when I pull you in for a kiss, it's because I love you with more force than all the moons and stars in the midnight sky.
📅︎ May 17
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Are you the Holy Land

Because, I wanna claim you for my own!
👤︎ u/OpertunityFillups
📅︎ Nov 27
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