Peek Pick up lines

The best Peek pick up lines

If i threw you a pokeball

Do you think I'd catch a peek-at-chu?
👤︎ u/Dr_BigPat
📅︎ Nov 30
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hey girl are you a pokemon?

cos i wanna peek at you ah ha ha
📅︎ Aug 26
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I can make your lips move without making you talk.

Then lock lips and smooch hard. Given, you have eyes locked at each other and have been throwing sneaky peeks for a while.
👤︎ u/mustard6
📅︎ Mar 04
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Hey cutie are you into Pokemon?

Cause just a Peek-at-Chu make me wanna Squirt-a-lil - Day 55
👤︎ u/suyashve
📅︎ Feb 29
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Excuse me, would you happen to be a Pokemon?

Cause the first time I took a peek at you I was electrified....
📅︎ Apr 29
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I think I'm Team Rocket

Cuz I wanna take a peek-at-chu
📅︎ Dec 23
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