Romantic Pick up lines

The best Romantic pick up lines

Roses are red, violets are blue

Sunflowers are yellow, I bet u were expecting something romantic but no this is just gardening facts.
πŸ‘€οΈŽ u/The_Squiddy
πŸ“…οΈŽ Nov 19
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I need something shuttle

Something that doesn’t say hey I wanna smash or for people looking for a romantic relationship. Something that work good to get a girl interested and not in love with you. You know what I mean?
πŸ‘€οΈŽ u/Killer_Kale
πŸ“…οΈŽ Oct 08
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Are you the white mountains?

Cause I wanna explore every inch of you (we were both into backpacking and outdoorsy stuff). Also I just need to vent idc if anyone reads this. She was so incredibly romantic, idk how I'll ever find anyone like her (but without her flaws cause I wouldn't date anyone with them ever again) and ik that's such an only-dated-one-person thing to say but ya thats the tea
πŸ‘€οΈŽ u/Not_instant_ramen17
πŸ“…οΈŽ May 21
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Pickup lines for a girl called Natalya ?

Anything is welcome (cheesy, inappropriate, romantic, etc.) as long as it's not mean.
πŸ‘€οΈŽ u/yumadbro6
πŸ“…οΈŽ Oct 25
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