Shove Pick up lines

The best Shove pick up lines

Can I hug you and shove my hands in your hoodie's front pocket

📅︎ Jan 21
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Hey girl, are you a microwave?

Cause I wanna shove my testicles in you!
📅︎ Dec 07
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Hey girl, are you a toaster?

Because I want to shove 3 frozen waffles into you.
👤︎ u/Shaturo123
📅︎ Sep 14
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Hey girl, are you my step sister?

Cause I wanna shove your head in the washing machine
📅︎ Nov 10
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Hey dude are you Kyle Rayner

Because I want to get shoved in your fridge
📅︎ Sep 14
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Hey, are you a computer,

Cuz I want to shove my ram stick in you
📅︎ Dec 04
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Damn girl, are you an egg?

Cause I wanna shove you up my ass
👤︎ u/SirGoaty
📅︎ Jan 29
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Hey baby, are you an old computer?

Because I want shove my 3.5" floppy into you ; )
📅︎ Feb 22
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Girl if you were a tree and I were a squirrel...

I'd shove my nut in your hole
📅︎ Jun 11
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Hey girl are you an electrical outlet?

Because I wanna shove a fork inside of you
📅︎ Oct 09
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