Bird Pick up lines

The best Bird pick up lines

Hey girl, you like bird watching?

β€˜Cause I like β€œchicken” you out
πŸ‘€οΈŽ u/bobdillan1996
πŸ“…οΈŽ Nov 14
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You are but a cute little bird who forgot how to fly

Until then, let me be the wind under your wings
πŸ‘€οΈŽ u/Onion-with-layers
πŸ“…οΈŽ Oct 21
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Hey, do you like birds?

Cuz I want you to be my woodpecker
πŸ‘€οΈŽ u/Alerwain
πŸ“…οΈŽ Feb 11
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There are 2 things this world needs more of

1. My DNA 2. Your DNA Let’s kill 2 birds with one stone
πŸ‘€οΈŽ u/lord_tachanka43
πŸ“…οΈŽ Dec 29
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Girl are you the pentagon

Cause I wanna penetrate you with my bird.
πŸ‘€οΈŽ u/big4pr0
πŸ“…οΈŽ Sep 13
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Hey girl, call me flappy bird..

..because I only need like ten seconds to make you scream ;)
πŸ‘€οΈŽ u/Skwerilleee
πŸ“…οΈŽ Feb 06
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Are you wearing Flappy Bird pants?

Cause I wanna tap that ass. ...until I get bored and sell it on eBay for thousands of dollars.
πŸ‘€οΈŽ u/Kayarjee
πŸ“…οΈŽ Feb 13
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Are you a bird enthusiast?

Because I know a good pair of tits when I see them.
πŸ‘€οΈŽ u/KaneCCFC
πŸ“…οΈŽ Jun 29
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