Dresses Pick up lines

The best Dresses pick up lines

You know, I really hate dresses.

Good thing I’ll be wearing the pants in our relationship.
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📅︎ Oct 14
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Literally the 2 best pickup lines ever

Ok boys, these are not my own invention, but rather from a Key and Peele sketch. However, I have field tested them in real life, and I do have a 100% success rate with them or variations of them. “Looking at you is like looking at a mountain creek after a spring thaw, simply refreshing!” AND “You ladies are smoldering, just like the sun! And just as bright too, in those dresses!” Change them up a little. For example: “You are smoldering, just like the sun! And just bright too, with that smile.” If you really want to, you can add in a little “What is your secret?” After initial delivery Good luck boys!
👤︎ u/Rin_de_TongNou
📅︎ May 21
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