Math. Pick up lines

The best Math. pick up lines

I'm not really good at math....

...but i know an improper fraction when i see one.
šŸ‘¤ļøŽ u/__Gynotarian__
šŸ“…ļøŽ Feb 10
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Hi uh, I need some help with math.

Iā€™m not really good with my numbers. You know what, I give you mine so you can help me out!
šŸ‘¤ļøŽ u/I-Come-Pre-Cooked
šŸ“…ļøŽ Jul 07
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Are you real? Because I've only seen a girl like you in my imagination.

Just made this up. Sent as a response to a prompt on OkC where she talked about how she likes math. It's a play on real and imaginary numbers. ;) Keep your head high, bois
šŸ‘¤ļøŽ u/phantomBlurrr
šŸ“…ļøŽ Oct 04
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Are you good at math..?

..then give me your number! ;)
šŸ‘¤ļøŽ u/theninthnuclearman
šŸ“…ļøŽ Apr 29
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What was your favorite subject in school?

Mine was math. You plus me minus our clothes divide your legs and let's multiply.
šŸ‘¤ļøŽ u/GingaGames
šŸ“…ļøŽ Nov 09
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