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The best Similarity pick up lines

Cutie, what's the similarity between my love for you and toxicity on internet?

Both are increasing day by day.
πŸ‘€οΈŽ u/Insanevampire
πŸ“…οΈŽ Nov 20
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What’s the similarity and difference between you and a pillow?

The similarity is that I wanna see you both in my bed, the difference is that I wanna see you without your case
πŸ‘€οΈŽ u/lemoonpai
πŸ“…οΈŽ Jun 10
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What's the similarity between us and the qwerty keyboard?

U and I are supposed to be next to each other
πŸ“…οΈŽ Jan 25
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Similarity between an 80 yo guy and me

I'm 80 years old inside
πŸ‘€οΈŽ u/nigrofox
πŸ“…οΈŽ Jul 10
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